Safari Carbon Calculator


Our charity Wild Philanthropy has designed a Safari Carbon Calculator. It’s been developed as an open-source tool for all safari operators, but is certainly of interest to the traveller, and is designed to measure the carbon emissions of every aspect of a given safari.

As such, the idea is to provide everyone with the means to properly offset the carbon cost of a trip, in the simplest and most accurate way possible. Do have a look, and if travelling, then please do share it with whoever’s planning your trip. It’s not the final answer to the problem of emissions, but it’s a good start, there’s nothing else out there quite like it, and the more people who use it, the better.

For the how to use the Safari Carbon Calculator, click on the icon above, and for the calculator itself, see Wild Philanthropy’s Safari Carbon Calculator. Please use it and do bear in mind that this is just the first version of the tool: we welcome feedback, and hope to be able to improve it with every new iteration.

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