Wildlife of the Maasai Mara and Great Rift Valley


Often described as one of the most wildlife-rich areas of the planet, the Maasai Mara and Great Rift Valley encompasses exactly the environment you may think of if visiting the continent for the first time, the tectonic plate activity creating one of Africa’s greatest savannah habitats.

Your trip into takes place anywhere between the Kenya‘s semi-arid rangelands in the north to the Greater Mara in the south. It will include exploring one of the world’s greatest savannahs, it’s extraordinary collection of lakes, and the different wildlife habitats that the subtle change in climate produces as you move from north to south. As well as this, and depending on the time of the year, your stay in the Mara may include the opportunity to witness the wildebeest migration, one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

A journey mainly through the Masaai lands of Kenya, your trip will include meeting the Masaai themselves, either as lodge hosts, your guides or during visits to their villages. It is the most immersive of trips, and against the spectacular backdrop that is the Rift Valley.

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