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Specialist animal safaris

Offering itineraries centred about a single animal or habitat does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that our specialist wildlife journeys are especially reserved for botanists, wildlife experts and the like. Far from it:  experience shows that while many travellers are interested in everything, in no particular order, others are after an experience of something more specific. This style of travel aims at drilling down into the singular, into understanding how a given animal survives in a given habitat. Less broad, but much deeper, it is an itinerary designed to satisfy lifelong passions.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda represents the most accessible of our specialist wildlife itineraries. The extinction busting micro-management of the gorilla and its mountain habitat part funded by sustainable tourism, the lodges, guides and gorilla families are well used to our visits, allowing for highly rewarding trips into the likes of Rwanda’s Parc de Volcans. Comparable trips include trekking chimpanzee in Tanzania’s Mahale or walking safaris with rhino in Kenya’s Laikipia.

For examples at the other end of the scale, there’s the very specific interest led opportunity to watch the Shoebill stork in Uganda’s Semliki Swamps, view the migrating fruit bats of Zambia’s Kasanka National Park or to track Ethiopia’s Abyssinian wolf by horseback, both of which are itineraries for those interested in something truly unusual.

Popular or unusual or both, our specialist wildlife itineraries are all designed to investigate – scientifically, beautifully – what it is that makes a particular animal so very compelling. To this end, they are journeys that make use of only the very best by way of expert support, be it your guide or a lodge set up for the express purpose of viewing these animals.