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Luxury Family Safaris

Luxury Family Safaris

With the advent of Malarone Paediatric, Africa has become that bit more accessible, especially to families. In our experience, children adore Africa. It is a world filled with wonderful things, the stuff of books and dreams, and yet, at the same time, it is completely real. Fantasy made true, it is the best classroom ever, and children return home older, wiser and still dreaming. Wild Africa suits children. And seeing Africa through their eyes is to re-experience our own childhoods. We learn to dream again, to hope, and to connect with what is meaningful. Africa invigorates families, makes them stronger, more unified.

This blossoming of the luxury family safari market has, in turn, triggered a boom in private safari houses. These houses are often run by families, and therefore understand the demands placed on parents and children when it comes to journeying in Africa. They are made available in such a way as to give families as much space as is required, while at the same time looking after their every need. Transport, shopping trips and activities are there at the behest of the guests. In this way, travelling families are afforded the kind of control that makes for successful trips.

Children have an innate fascination for nature, which should be nurtured and encouraged. In this respect, the choice of one’s guide for an African family safari is of paramount importance. Not only does he or she need to be very good at their job, but, when guiding families, an affinity for children is essential. This is something we take very seriously, so please do ask us for recommendations and guide profiles when booking your family safari.

Some of the most popular family safari experiences include walking with elephants in Botswana, exploring the Singita Kruger Park and the Sands of Tswalu in South Africa.

Not all camps and lodges accept children, and the very young do not always respond well to travel. In our experience it is possible to move about successfully on safari with a child as young as four. Please bear this in mind when designing your itinerary for your journey or luxury family safari experience.

We also offer safe child-friendly safaris, which offer an experience that the whole family can enjoy with an element of risk.


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