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Time with the Hadza

A unique experience with the Hadza in Tanzania

The Hadza are a hunter-gatherer people in Tanzania whose lifestyle is as close to the world of our ancestors as it is possible to get. With less than 1,000 remaining, spending time their presence, as their guests, is a rare and fascinating privilege.

The Hadza are to be found in two populations around Lake Eyasi, a salt lake at the base of the Serengeti Plateau in Tanzania. The southern is more easily reached, and the resulting higher level of tourism means that the northern offers a much more authentic experience of unspoiled Hadza culture.

Dorobo Safaris, with whom we have a close relationship, and whose dedication to a brand of tourism designed to benefit both the visitor and the local community we share, is the only ground operator with links to the northern Hadza, and it is through them that you will spend time with the Hazda, as their guests, their students, an experience like no other, one that will change the way you think about the world.

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