The Genocide of 1994

The Genocide of 1994

As you will know, Rwanda suffered terribly in 1994, when nearly a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred over the course of three to four months. The resultant displacement of people, the loss suffered, and the subsequent collapse of a sense of national identity will take an enormously long time to heal.

Part of the healing process has been a willingness to recognise and therefore accept that what occurred was orchestrated, intended and carried out on such a scale as for it to qualify as an act of genocide. Echoing the success of Germany’s approach to atrocities committed during the Second World War, the Rwandan Memorial Centre in Kigali is a concrete symbol of a whole country taking responsibility for giving voice to the unspeakable.

Your visit, divided into three sections, into the genocide actual, into a children’s memorial, and into an exhibition of the history of genocidal violence around the world, will be a sobering, moving and necessary journey into the very worst and the very best of being human.

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