Kenya’s Private Safari Villas


There has been a clear and marked growth in the family market. The advent of malarone paediatric, coupled to a rapid growth in infrastructures dedicated to wild travel, has removed the last major stumbling block to African family travel. Kenya has a fantastic collection of safari-based private villas.

The growth in family safaris has resulted in a corresponding growth in child-centred wild experiences, experiences designed to compliment, refresh and challenge notions about the wilderness, tactile experiences, first hand, experiences that cannot be learned on a computer, from a book or sitting in the classroom.

Travelling to Africa with one’s children is both a humbling and fascinating experience. Open, raw and honest, children see Africa with fresh eyes. The relationships they strike up with their hosts – the house manager, the guide, chef, the local communities – are deep and lovely, and often, when asked, will top the Top 10 Things We Did on Holiday list.

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