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Battlefields of northern Sudan

Battlefields of northern Sudan

A military history safari down northern Sudan’s Nile

One the most specifically focused journeys on our portfolio, your trip through the battlefields of Northern Sudan is designed to take you from Ancient Egypt through Nubia’s various invasions to Gordon of Khartoum.

Beginning in the far north, your journey up the Nile is will investigate first Ancient Egypt’s colonisation of Nubia, follow the progress of the Hyskos invaders, trace through archaeological artefacts the Old Kingdom of Tutankhamen, the invasions of the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans, before examining the enduring success of Muslim empire.

A journey through pyramids, forts and the fields of battle, you will stay in tented and lodge accommodation en-route, travel by vehicle, boat and foot, and experience Northern Sudan’s military past through place, primary sources and the expertise of your guides.

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