Will Jones: home visits and his 2018 US Itinerary

Just a quick note to say that I will be going on my annual visiting of US clients, friends and colleagues, starting a week tomorrow.

For all its wonderful benefits, technology will never replace the nuances of what it means to meet face-to-face. Personally, I like nothing more than a kitchen table, a map, and cup of tea, over which to discuss an itinerary. It’s simple. It’s real. It’s magical. It’s where and how we all get to know each other.

Moreover, with so much going on, what with JbD’s wild family of charity, enterprise vehicle and investment partners, and with Africa House’s recently opened coffee shop, there’s a lot to talk about, particularly in terms of new and exciting destinations, and how the travel we champion fits with sustainable development in key at-risk ecosystems. Much fat to chew on.

So, my own itinerary. I’ll be travelling to a clutch of cities, from New York through Chicago, San Francisco and ending up in Los Angeles, from where I will be travelling back to the UK. While setting off always requires something of a gear change, I do love my trips to the US, and am very much looking forward to hitting the road again.

If I’m not visiting you, and this is all news to you, and you’re interested in a home visit of your own, then please do get in touch. I’ll have my map ready for next year.

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