Semliki National Park


Remote, home to over three hundred species of tree, and East Africa’s only low level forested ecosystem, Semliki National Park marks a section of the eastern border of the largely Congolese Ituri forest.

Known as one of the few remaining homes of the shoebill, and in general for its extraordinary number of birds species, Semliki is still the only place in Uganda that it is possible to commission spot lit night drives. Surprisingly (given its tree density), the park covers a remarkably varied habitat. Hot springs, swamps, grassy woodlands and small plains jostle for space, making for a wonderfully vibrant environment. As well as seeking out the rare shoebill, activities in Semliki include adventure treks, fishing along one of the park’s many waterways, and bird viewing.

Highly rewarding, and perfect when part of an itinerary that aims to take in both Queen Elizabeth and Mboro national parks, it’s a must-see for anyone interested in birds and in how ecosystems work.

Please note that we currently use Semliki Safari Lodge for accommodation in this area.

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