Lake Togo

Au Royaume King Village


Located on the shore of Lake Togo in the town of Agbodrafo, Au Royaume King Village Hotel is a large, popular, and proudly Togolese resort. 


Au Royaume King Village’s staggered rows of terracotta-coloured tiers rise up from the lakeshore, giving it an almost palatial grandeur when viewed from the lake itself.The tiers are lined with sunloungers shaded under thatched canopies and interspersed by rows of palm trees. At the top level sits the hotel’s lobby and large open-sided restaurant, constructed of wood, with a thatched roof. The external furniture and artwork have a modern West African aesthetic, while inside the style is minimalist, clean, and bright. The hotel also has a conference hall, a stage for live performances, and a children’s play area on the sandy beach of the lake.

Food and service

In keeping with its proud Togolese heritage, Au Royaume King Village’s cuisine is largely based on West African dishes, many served up buffet-style in earthenware pots. However, plenty of international favourites can also be found on the menu. The hotel also has an impressive wine collection including sparkling options. Service is great, with staff happy to accommodate guests needs where they can. 


The sleeping rooms at Au Royaume King Village are more functional than luxurious, yet all are crisp and clean, coming with en suite, double bed, coffee table and armchair, desk and chair, as well as modern Togolese artwork on the walls. Air conditioning is also available. 


Au Royaume King Village is well known locally for hosting some of the biggest names in Togolese music. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch a live performance by a touring artist if one happens to take place during your stay.

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