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Located in the city of Kara, the eponymous capital of the Kara Region in northern Togo, Hotel Sainte-Brigitte is a rare find for such a remote setting, offering all the style, amenities and professionalism usually associated with Togo’s coastal hotels far to the south.


Hotel Sainte-Brigitte is made up of four single and two-story buildings and topped with terracotta tiled roofs, offering various room and suite sizes in each. These buildings sit amongst spacious, manicured gardens, within which a large well-kept swimming pool can also be found, surrounded by stone paving and sunloungers. The hotel also has a tastefully designed bar and restaurant, offering both inside and outside seating. The general feel is relaxed and modern, with touches of Togolese design throughout.

Food & service

Alongside the charming leafy setting, it is the hotel’s owner, Reine, and her team that is consistently noted as a highlight of any stay at Sainte-Brigitte, with service being welcoming, professional, cheerful, and attentive.  The restaurant’s food is also highly praised, offering international staples, including pizza, through to much-loved Togolese favourites such as traditional stews cooked in clay pots. The bar is also well stocked, and its garden setting makes for the perfect location for a sundowner.


Rooms are large, clean and modern, offering either double or king-sized beds, air conditioning, and tiled floors. All rooms come with a coffee table, relaxed seating, desk and chair, and a number of rooms have balconies on offer.


The hotel makes a great base from which to explore the wider region of Kara, which is home to Togo’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site: Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba people, located an hour and half’s drive north of the city. It is known for the ancient iron metallurgy sites of Bassar, this time to be found to the city’s west. Closer to Kara is the easily accessible and compact,national park of Sarakawa, while in the city itself, the hotel is within walking distance from Musee Africart, which celebrates the art of West Africa.

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