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Hotel La Douceur is located in the city of Kara, situated within Togo’s northern region of Kara itself. Despite being the regional capital, Kara is a relaxed, leafy city of mostly dirt-track roads and low-lying corrugated-iron roofs. It is down one such sleepy street that La Douceur is found. A crisp modern building which is popular with locals and travellers alike.


The hotel has twelve rooms of various sizes, set about a long two-story building, with busy tiles on its exterior and a more relaxed mix of natural materials and foliage throughout its interior. This includes a large restaurant and bar made of a wooden frame and topped with a thatched roof, which reaches out into a well-kept leafy garden patio. Conference rooms are also available for local businesses, and decent WiFi is available throughout. The general style is contemporary, with touches of local artwork and prints.

Food & service

Service is routinely rated as warm, friendly, quick, and helpful. The restaurant is hailed as one of the best in the city and is highly popular with local residents. The cuisine is a mix of international fare and Togolese options, found within both a standard menu and a changing menu of the day. The bar is also well stocked, offering a variety of liquors alongside beers, wines and soft drinks.


Rooms can vary in size, from the compact to the spacious, with corresponding bed sizes, though doubles and king-sized beds are available throughout. Room furnishings also vary, but include air conditioning, desk, chair, sofa, coffee table, and en suite. Do note that owing to the variety of rooms in terms of age and size, we aim to book the more modern, spacious ones.


The region of Kara is known for some of Togo’s most important cultural sites, such as the ancient iron metallurgy villages of Bassar, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Koutammakou. These are 78km and 70km distance from Kara respectively, making the hotel the ideal base from which to explore these sites. Further afield, the remote northernmost region of Savanes is home to Togo’s largest national park, Oti-Kéran, as well as the renowned caves of Nok. With infrastructure limited across these northern reaches, Hotel La Douceur – and Kara city more generally – makes for a helpful jumping-off point to explore the region.

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