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Tanzanian mainland coast

Wild, in places utterly uninhabited, in others the repository for an ancient lineage of Swahili speakers, Tanzania’s beaches are equal to – and in some ways surpass – Kenya’s much vaunted coastline.

Unfortunately, given their remoteness, some are only accessible to those with time on their hands. Nevertheless, many of the beaches south of Dar-es-salaam are a helicopter ride from the parks, and both the city of Tanga and beautiful town of Pangani (north coast) are blessed with an exquisite coastline.

Climate Information

Climatically, the mainland coast, the Zanzibar archipelago and Mafia Island are all influenced by the Kaskazi and Kuzi monsoons. The first of these, the Kaskazi blows in from the north-east during the months of November to March inclusive. Reasonably benign, these relatively dry winds, though warm, help mitigate the effects of an otherwise very humid atmosphere. The second monsoon, the Kuzi, lasts from April through to September, and brings with it the long rains, which last from April through to June, with April being the year’s wettest month. The short rains, though present, are less significant, and occur between October and November.

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