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Nduara Loliondo


Loliondo Safari Camp is a specialist in both wildlife and the celebration of nomadic cultures and technologies. Located just outside the Serengeti, in either Piyaya, in southern Loliondo, or in Ololosokwan, in northern Loliondo, Loliondo Safari Camp moves every 6 months, and while, ostensibly, it follows the migration, it is as interested in the nature of movement as it is in nature itself. For guests, it is a rare opportunity to learn about – and engage with – people whose lives are dictated by the weather.

Nduara Loliondo Camp consists of 8 Mongolian yurts, two of which constitute the mess tents – dining and lounge. These shared areas are extraordinary. The tents themselves are circular, and are remarkable for their wrap around netted sides, for the open wheels (originally chimney holes) that mark the centre of their roofs, and for the design of their interiors. The dining tent has a reasonably traditional layout, but the chairs and tables are covered with skins and fabrics taken from traditional nomadic cultures, the floor is a tightly woven rush mat, and at night the room is lit by lamps and candles. The food at Nduara Loliondo Camp is international, fresh, the floor service excellent. Dietary requirements are well catered for.

Cosy, and combining a bohemian-like penchant for mixed styles with an emphasis on tight, unobtrusive service, the lounge is divided into a library and games playing area, a bar and areas to sit in, relax and chat. Open day or night, the lounge’s ambience extends outside. With director chairs, heavy low tables and a fire pit, this natural verandah fits very well with the camp’s ethos.

The en-suite sleeping yurts are equally beautiful. Staggered, well spaced and very private, each possesses a large double bed, seating area, side tables, a leather topped writing desk and changing area. The bathroom contains a short-drop toilet, a basin, water jugs and a bucket shower. The mixed style – colonial artefacts, Masaai colouring, Swahili weaves – works well.

When people stay, Nduara Loliondo Camp is fixed. On safari, all guests have their private car and guide. Guests’ personal interests dictate the pace of the day-to-day activities. These include game drives, guided walks, bush picnics and sundowners.

To find out more about Nduara Loliondo Camp and to arrange your tailor-made trip, get in touch with us today.

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