Boma and Bandingilo

Boma Highlands Adventure Fly Camp


Consisting of a mess area and sleeping tents, the Boma Highlands Adventure Fly Camp is based in the Boma Highlands in a village belonging to the Kachipo tribe. Camp amenities are kept deliberately minimal given the challenges of being so remote, but this isolation is precisely the appeal of the location.

Service and Food

The Boma Highlands Adventure Fly Camp is set ahead of time by our team. Meals are prepared in camp, over an open fire. Simple and full of flavour, they are taken in the mess area. 


Guests at Boma Highlands Adventure Fly Camp will have their own tent consisting of a simple camp stretcher, bedding, and mosquito net. Elegant, easily moved, and great in the heat, they’re highly practical and beautiful pieces of kit.     


The fly camp base offers an ideal setting for taking to the skies to explore Boma’s highlands by helicopter.  Back on land, there is the opportunity to meet with the Kachipo people. Related to the Surma of Ethiopia, this community is known for its distinctive lip plates and ornate body scarification.

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