Laas Geel

Wild Expeditions Private Mobile Camp Laas Geel


Wild Expeditions Laas Geel is a private mobile camp set and struck 50 kilometres outside of the Somaliland‘s main city Hargeisa. As well as Laas Geel, Wild Expedition Private Mobile Camp operates throughout Somaliland, experiencing much of what this relatively unexplored country has to offer, from the forests of Daalloo to the Hargeisa and the seaport of Berger.


Wild Expeditions Private Mobile Camp is the result of decades worth of on-the-ground experience. Originally Abaca, it has been based in Ethiopia since 2010, is now a joint shareholding between Wild Enterprise (an impact investor) and four Ethiopia-based shareholders. Wild Enterprise is dedicated to helping preserve the wildernesses in which it operates. Had it not been for the Somaliland’s connection to it’s southern counterpart, Somalia, Laas Geel would surely be a Global Heritage Site. Superstitiously regarded by local inhabitants, who kept their distance, and thus discovered no earlier than 2010 by French archaeologists, the paintings, which show a glimpse of the life our ancestors led, have since been dated to between 5,000 and 10,000 years old.


A genuine frontier experience, Wild Expeditions Private Mobile Camp is an entirely canvas affair, and consists of a mess tent and sleeping tents. Imported from South Africa, the tents are comfortable but basic, with sturdy canvas walls and floors, the latter reinforced by thick camping mats. Each tent contains double or twin beds, a veranda and en-suite facilities that include hot water and a flush-toilet.


Set and struck every few days, activities with Wild Expeditions Private Mobile Camp include cultural visits, guided walks and sundowners.

To find out more about Abaca Private Mobile Camp Laas Geel and to arrange your tailor-made trip, get in touch with us today.

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