Somaliland Accommodation



Being a relatively unexplored gem, Somaliland does not offer a vast range of accommodation. Hotels, luxury safari lodges and resorts are not, for now, what makes Somaliland so special. Journeys by Design offer a number of Private Mobile Camps which afford considerable though rudimentary comfort and a tremendous sense of adventure and freedom. While we do not offer accommodation within Berbera or Hargeisa themselves, daytime and evening explorations of the cities are certainly available.

Daallo is a true wilderness experience, remote and dramatic, and private canvas is the perfect way to experience its fantastic views over the Gulf of Aden. Laas Geel is another very different offering, whose remarkable cave-paintings were only discovered a few years ago – in most other countries they would certainly have been given Global Heritage status. With the Wild Expeditions team running all the camps here for Journeys by Design, a trip to Somaliland is guaranteed to be an expertly guided journey into a relatively unexplored African treasure-trove.

If you would like to find out more about any of our frontier Somaliland camps then please have a browse of the areas shown, and do give one of our destination specialists a call.

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