Sudan (North)



These sites were developed during the Meroitic period and although less well-known, and even less visited, than Meroe, they are full of interest.

Egyptian, Greek and Roman styles can be seen in buildings all at the same time. There are statues of rams and beautiful gateways scattered amongst the rocks and sand. The Great Enclosure may have been used as a training ground for elephants, depicted everywhere in the bas-relief. Given its arid surroundings today, this surely is an example of climate change.

The site’s purpose hasn’t been entirely agreed upon by historians, and many of the ruins remain ambiguous. What isn’t in doubt, however, is the region’s former significance, and scholars have theorised that four Kushite Queens – Amanirenas, Manaishakhete, Naldamak and Amanitore – lived in the area during their lifetime.

As part of the Island of Meroe region, Musawwarat was granted World Heritage status in 2011.

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