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Nubian Rest House

33.92'' N
51.28'' E

Located half way up the Nubian Nile, there is probably not another hotel outside Khartoum in the whole of Sudan that matches the Nubian Rest House for quality.


The Rest House is better described as a boutique hotel, small and beautifully finished in the Nubian style. It is Italian owned with very pleasant Nubian staff who are happy to demonstrate traditional dances and share local culture with guests.

Nubian Rest House Sudan Lounge


The Italian, buffet style set menu (with flexible timings) is generous and filling, whist returning guests continually commend the high level of service.


The rooms come complete with a vaulted ceiling, hot shower, air-con, and a picturesque balcony overlooking the luscious gardens. The Wi-Fi is usually strong enough to check messages, although please note there are no T.Vs.

Nubian Rest House Garden Sudan


If you’re after more than simply resting and recuperating, it is only a short walk to Jebel Barkal, its pyramids and the stunning Temple of Amun.

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