Greater Sossusvlei

Kulala Desert Lodge

Kulala Desert Lodge

Located in the Namib desert, on the Kulala Wilderness Reserve, close to the sand dunes of Sosussvlei, Kulala Desert Lodge is situated at the foot of an escarpment and looks out onto an extraordinarily sparse landscape.


A wood, canvas and thatch build, Kulala Desert Lodge consists of a main lodge and 10 sleeping rooms. The lodge itself is made up of a lounge and dining area, a bar, raised decking, shop and plunge pool. Open plan, inviting and lit by lanterns, the main area is characterised by wooden floors, mixed seating (leather armchairs, lightweight camping chairs), giant African wall hangings and low tables.

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Food & service

The expertly prepared food is served on the romantic candle-lit terrace in the evening, whilst the guides and staff are wonderfully welcoming.


Divided into a wood and thatch main area, the sleeping rooms (or kulalas) are accessed by long wooden walkways, and look out over the valley. Cool, spacious and beautifully designed, each kulala possesses a twin/double bed, a seating area and room to change. In addition to these, there is also a family sized room, and two extra tents.

Kuala Wilderness Camp Namibia Exterior


Activities at Kulala Desert Lodge include excursions to Sossusvlei, Sesriem Canyon and Namib-Naukluft Park. Other activities include guided walks, sundowner drives and balloon safaris.


Upon starting operation in the region, Wilderness Safaris undertook a meticulous program to remove internal fences – including one which divided the Kulala Wilderness Reserve (KWR) and the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. The results have, unsurprisingly, been fantastic: wildlife has returned to the region in great numbers, uninhibited by manmade barriers.

Furthermore, reverse osmosis filtration is employed on site to provide guests with high quality drinking water while restricting the need for plastic bottle usage in the camp. Energy-efficient lights and appliances are also used across the lodge.

Wilderness Safaris supports Children in the Wilderness, a programme which provides educational life skills and environmental awareness for children who live in villages close to conservation areas. At this moment in time (2018) CITW has benefited over 10,000 children from seven African countries.

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