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Kuidas Camp


Located on Skeleton Coast, in the Huab River Valley, on a rocky bluff overlooking the sparse and intensely beautifully moon-like landscape of Damaraland, Kuidas Camp is the first of the Skeleton Coast Safari’s fly-in camps.


Environmentally conscious, and constructed from local woods and reeds, Kuidas consists of a shared area and four sleeping rooms. With just a seating area, lounge and decking, the mess area is serviced by a bush bar, and evenings are spent around a campfire. Given that guests book as a group – or family – the atmosphere is homely, fun and familial.

Kuidas Camp Namibia Flight

Food & service

The food – daytime buffets and group meals – is good, and the wine excellent.


Like the shared area, the sleeping rooms are a no frills affair. Decent, clean and well looked after, each is characterised by twin beds with gorgeously soft and thick mattresses, a vanity mirror, a chemical toilet (the main toilets are housed in a separate building) and a small viewing area. Hot water and toiletries are provided by Kuidas Camp.

Kuidas Camp Namibia Drive


Activities include desert excursions, wildlife and bird viewing, guided walks and star gazing. Please note that Kuidas Camp is remote, is accessible by air, and is normally a part of an itinerary that includes two or more of Damaraland’s camps. As a result, guests need to be prepared for a hardy, tiring but extremely rewarding trip.

For further information, please see Skeleton Coast Safari in Namibia.

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