Wolwedans Boulders Camp

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The latest addition to Wolwedans’ very attractive portfolio, Boulders Camp is located on the NamibRand Nature Reserves, 45 km south of the Dunes Lodge.

Set against a collection of giant-sized granite rocks, overlooking the reserve’s plains, the camp is a wood and canvas build, and consists of a mess area and 4 sleeping tents. Raised on a wooden platform, and protected by peaked canvas roofing, the shared areas consist of dining and lounge areas, with the kitchen sandwiched between the two, and of extensive decking – on both sides, one containing a firepit, the other a sundowner spot. The lounge is particularly comfortable, with large leather sofas, low tables, a small library and a collection of (unfertilised) ostrich eggs. Meals are taken communally, at a lovely dining table lit by an old solar powered lantern.

The sleeping tents of Wolwedans Boulders Camp are accessed by a set of small wooden steps. Raised and possessing stretched canvas roofing, each includes a verandah, four poster bed, roll-up canvas walls, 360 degree views and a separate bathroom. Characterised by a simple dressing table, a storage chest, attached benching and loungers, the rooms are restrained, beautiful and extremely comfortable. The bathrooms contain twin basins, a shower and flush toilet.

Activities at Wolwedans Boulders Camp include nature walks, game drives, sundowner drives, guided walks, ballooning and scenic flights.

Ethical Information

The Reserve is a member and contributor to the Southern African Avi-Faunal Atlas and the Large Carnivore Atlas of Namibia. Local outreach efforts focus mainly on predator-livestock management on neighbouring properties.
NamibRand Nature Reserve supports the sustainable utilization of its resources through the following activities:

– High quality, low impact tourism including accommodation, photographic safaris, walking trails, and hot air ballooning.
– NaDEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust), an environmental education and sustainable living centre.
– Capture and sale of live game.
– Development of a horticultural project to grow indigenous medicinal plants for commercial production, creating local jobs and earning funds for conservation.

The aims of the Nature Reserve are:

– To conserve for the benefit of future generations and to protect the sensitive and fragile environment and its rich biodiversity
– To create a nature reserve with a healthy and functioning ecosystem, providing a sanctuary for flora and fauna and to facilitate seasonal migratory routes in partnership with neighbours (National Parks, etc.)
– To promote sustainable utilisation through ecologically sustainable and high quality level tourism products and other projects
– To achieve a commercially viable operation to ensure continuance and financial independence

The Wolwedans Desert Academy
Now in its first term, the Desert Academy was created in co-operation with The Namibian Tourist Board (NTB) and the National Training Authority (NTA) to raise the skills level of the local tourism workforce and therefore the quality of our national hospitality product to a worldwide standard.

Vocational Support Programme
This Vocational Support Programme has been set up to support our employees in their vocational aspirations by providing a ‘bursary’ style of funding for further education.

The Namibian Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET)
NaDEET is a non-profit making Namibian Trust established in 2003, situated on the NamibRand Nature Reserve. It believes in environmental education to not only increase awareness and knowledge but also in developing eco-friendly attitudes and skills in Namibia’s youth.

The Wolwedans Foundation has a close affiliation to the NamibRand Nature Reserve and will constantly work to support their interventions with funding and materials where possible. For example, with the ‘Adopt of Fairy Circle’ project, and the donating of materials for the recently opened ‘Vulture Restaurant’.
Also falling under Conservation would be the funding of further education for employees interested in advancing their knowledge in Eco-Tourism, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development.

Housing Scheme
Providing professional advice and administrative/financial support we will assist our employees and their families in finding suitable and long term housing solutions outside of the Wolwedans environment. Thus increasing their standard of living and encouraging stable and healthy life styles in the community.

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