Lake Malawi

Mumbo Island Lodge

Mumbo Island Lodge

Located in eastern Malawi, in Lake Malawi National Park, off the Cape Maclear peninsular, Mumbo Island is one of a small handful of luxury lodges on the shores of Lake Malawi.


Approached by means of 45 minute boat journey, and then by way of a rope bridge, the main lodge is situated in a sandy cove on Mumbo Island, while the 6 sleeping tents occupy prime spots – atop giant boulders – on a nearby island, commanding stunning views of the lake. A canvas, thatch and wood build, the main lodge consists of a lounge, bar and dining area, decking, water sport gazebo and a fire pit. Open sided, characterised by wooden flooring, cane seating, low tables, loungers and a ramp approach, the main lodge or chitenje is a lovely place to relax, eat and take cover from the midday sun.

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Food & service

The delicious cuisine is fish based, with local produce brought in daily from the mainland. The staff are outgoing and accommodating.


Accessed via a narrow wooden walkway, the so-called chalet island is just as beautiful. Raised on wooden platforms, and protected by thatched roofs, the en-suite sleeping tents themselves are relatively simple affairs. Complete with a hammock bedecked veranda, twin bed, lightweight chairs, spirit lamps (there is no electricity on Mumbo island) and a side table. Each room’s floor is covered with hand-woven rugs, while the private bathroom – which is composed of a long drop toilet, screened off bucket shower and sink – is to the rear, at the end of another walkway. Please note that one of the rooms is a family size unit. Well kept, clean and comfortable, the rooms at Mumbo Lodge are perfectly adequate; more about the location, the all-round experience, than gold tap luxury.

Please note that there are no Wi-Fi facilities on the lodge.

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Situated within the first freshwater marine reserve in the world, activities include diving, snorkelling, island hopping, bird watching and kayaking.


Mumbo offers a vital outpost of conservationist thought and action in an isolated location that authorities simply don’t have the ability to protect.

The lodge generates government revenue through park fees, concession fees, and taxes, alongside salary revenue for the community.

The lodge supports the growth of formal education opportunities for the community wherever possible.

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