Madagascar Accommodation



The accommodation of Madagascar is as varied as its landscapes and ecosystems. For every beach, island in Nosy Be or e, karstic rock form or mountain in Central Madagascar, desert in South Madagascar, or jungle of giant baobab trees in West Madagascar, there are a whole host of luxury lodges to base one’s holiday at.  

The luxury of the camps, lodges and hotels of this island destination is varied, ranging from classic gold tap luxury of old, to the luxury of adventure and ecology. Such trips would include a boat trip with Tsiribihina River Journeys, the likes of Mandrare River Camp, or Nosy Sakatia’s rarely visited beaches and coral reefs.  

The lodges you can find all over Madagascar have one thing in common: they are well positioned. This may mean easy access to the beach and reefs. It may mean a location on the west side of a hill in order to maximise the brilliant sunset. It may mean being built under the shade of a mango tree, by the river side to watch the water birds nesting, at the foot of a karstic rock formation for an ideal climbing adventure experience. It may simply mean being in close proximity to the airport for logistically viable travel options. 

Whatever the traveller’s interest, Madagascar has it, and being a relatively unknown destiny, vacations here are both private and highly personable. If you would like to know more about Madagascar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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