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Kinondo Kwetu Resort

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Surrounded by holy forests and sacred land, the Kinondo Kwetu resort sits on the Indian Ocean’s Galu Beach, near the border with Tanzania, and a mere 15 minute drive from the Ukunda Airstrip.

Kinondo Kwetu is a spacious resort – seemingly endless amounts of green grass roll towards the sun-bleached beach, interrupted here and there by footpaths leading visitors to one or another of the resort’s attractions. There’s the ergonomically designed Lake Pool, spanning 23 metres both ways, a smaller 10 metre pool tucked under the shade near the beach, the luxurious main house, the sauna, the yoga house, the horse stables and paddocks, boat house, tennis courts and the office and shop – from which guests of Kinondo Kwetu can access the internet. The main house is largely the indoor lounge area, decorated with African sculpture, pottery and carvings. The furniture is comprised of dark wood, soft weave and comfortable cushions – all centred on a large ornate hanging lantern, suspended through a hole in the ceiling from the room above. The main house also provides some serene balcony areas.

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Kinondo Kwetu encourages an atmosphere of freedom by having no fixed dining area – the three course lunch is taken on the beach, while dinner can be served under the night’s sky, or even in the water tower. The resort’s chefs take good advantage of what’s in proximity, and a key ingredient of the food served here is local fish. Meat and vegetables are also sourced locally, making the food at the Kinondo Kwetu as much as part of the stay as the surroundings are.

With just 16 rooms and a maximum capacity of 36 guests, the Kinondo Kwetu is an intimate place. Each room has its own personalised character, all coming with king sized beds, fans and mosquito nets. Available are cottages, suites, double rooms, twin rooms and child friendly rooms. Many rooms have verandas and balconies, and all are extremely comfortable.

Activities include water sports, fishing, golf, horse riding, tours, game drives, spa treatment and boat excursions.

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Ethical Information

We founded Kinondo Kwetu trustfund around the same time as Kinondo Kwetu.

Kinondo Kwetu owes much of its charm to its surrounding community and the Kinondo village, from where many among the staff are recruited. To have a respectful interaction with the community is of great importance for us and for our guests. That is why we have established Kinondo Kwetu Trust fund, whose main purposes are to provide health care to the villagers and to support the education of children. The fund sponsors and administers sponsoring of school fees in secondary school. The fund is at present establishing a computer-training center with the aim to educate children and adults.

Kinondo Kwetu Clinic started its operation in November 2008. It offers basic healthcare at a very low cost, a cost that is waived for those who cannot afford it. Since it started, the clinic has been recognized for its good work for HIV and TB patients, as well as for its laboratory.
Kinondo Kwetu Clinic is operated in an exemplary way by its devoted administrative officer, Mr. Harrison Kaingu. As its treatment for TB is considered to be a model for others, the clinic was chosen to host the province’s yearly TB-days. In April, Professor emeritus of Medicine at the university of Lund, Sven-Olof Isacsson, who, after his visit wrote: ”I have visited many health centers during this month in Kenya – dispensaries, district hospitals, province hospitals and the Kenyatta hospital in Nairobi. Your clinic appears as a model for many others. I also hope that it will be the case. I have already told about it and I will tell about its operation in lectures during this year.”
The reputation of Kinondo Kwetu Clinic has had as a result that people come from far away. That is why the very low patient fee has been increased to 200 shillings, about, 18 SEK or 2,5 USD. The fee for children is 50 shillings. People from Kinondo village who cannot afford the fee have it waived.
The clinic expects to have about 21000 patient visits this year. Included in this figure is the outreach activity of 9000 expected visits. This outreach activity is very important, in order to serve the patients in the clinic’s TB program and to reach people in the villages. The outreach program has been considerably facilitated through the acquisition of a motorbike and an ambulance. Thanks to the ambulance, between 100 and 150 patients can be reached in a day. The last 6 month we have delivered 126 children! Our next project is to open a maternity ward.

The Clinic was awarded the best clinic in the district 2010, awarded by District Medical Officer of Health in Msambweni.
We manage Trustfund out of the hotel and our donors are mainly bigger trusts and smaller donations from individual contributors.


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