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Richard's River Camp

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Located on the banks of Njageteck River, in the Olare Orok Conservancy, just outside the Maasai Mara, and offering in Richard Roberts’s guaranteed personal involvement not just an excellent camp, but also the leadership and company of a man literally raised on wild Kenya, Richard’s River Camp is small luxury accommodation at its very best.

Open for much of the year, Richard’s River Camp is a canvas and wood build, and consists of a mess tent and seven sleeping tents. The mess tent includes a seating and dining area, a veranda, bar and small library. Styled by Liz Fusco, designer and Roberts’s wife, the overall look and feel is pragmatic-boho. The various pieces of art and antiques, sourced on Fusco’s various travels, sit well with the slumber seating and the found wood furnishings, all of which combine to create a place part refuge and part meeting point. Ambience-wise, the key, of course, to Richard’s River Camp is its private family feel. The fact that it is booked exclusively, for groups of 10, and is managed in its entirety by Roberts himself, means that the camp achieves the best of both worlds: one that is private and communal. It’s a real joy.


As with the Roberts’ other camps, the service at Richard’s River Camp is fantastic, as is the food, with meals generally served outside. Everything’s very simple, and excellently done.

Raised on wooden platforms, discreetly positioned, approached by means of a small path, Richard River Camp’s sleeping tents are divided into two doubles and three twins. Each tent includes a bed(s), en suite bathrooms, seating area, writing desk, closet and private veranda. As with the mess tent, the emphasis here is on the few and the well made. Eschewing gold tap luxury, simple and welcoming, it is in the concentrating on things that matter – great showers, comfortable beds, gorgeous linen – that makes the camp what it is: special, highly professional, and homely.

Activities include day and night drives, guided walks, cultural visits, bush picnics, sundowners, balloon trips, a ride in Roberts’s plane.


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