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Ghion Goha Hotel

Ghion Goha Hotel

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Far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Gondar, what makes the Goha special is its high, hilltop location, offering panoramic views of all the historical monuments which have earned the town the moniker Africa’s Camelot.


Part of the government-owned Ghion Hotels chain, the Goha is almost identical in style to all the other hotels in the group, and is easily the best option in Gondar.


While service is famously more Fawlty Towers than five star, and the food rather simple, the bar atmosphere is vibrant, the sunsets magnificent, and the garden terrace a wonderful spot to savour Gondar’s allure.


Built along the hillside, the Ghion Goha Hotel is a stone build, has lovely textiles, and possesses 4 suites in total, alongside 60 twin bedrooms. The second tier rooms are slightly better positioned, which is why we do our best to book them. High-speed wireless internet access and flat-screen televisions are included, and additional amenities such as a swimming pool, free airport shuttle service and an idyllic campfire bar are also available.


The Goha hotel in is perfectly situated on the hills of the city, which means the iconic 17th towers of King Fasiledes (Gondar was founded and made Ethiopia’s capital by the King) are just a short distance away. The staggering grandeur of these decadent royal enclosures are worthy of any visitor’s time.

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