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Ghion Yeha Hotel

Ghion Yeha Hotel

20.11'' E

Positioned in the centre of Axum’s UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the Yeha is a worthwhile option for those wishing to explore the northern city’s acclaimed ancient mysteries.


Overlooking Axum’s exceptional northern Stelae field, and the Queen of Sheba’s bathing pool, the Yeha boasts the best location in Axum. However, as a member of the Ghion hotel group, the great views are complimented by the kind of very average accommodation and service for which the government hotel chain is sometimes justifiably known.


Opened in 1994, there are 3 suites, 60 twin rooms, a restaurant, bar and rather pleasant terrace. Basic value for money, a comfortable bed and a filling meal is what you can be sure of at the Ghion Yeha Hotel – the rest you will have to hope for! Normally we would say that if the Remhai is full, then the Yeha should be the next hotel of choice. However, in the past year, we’ve had some clients who actually far preferred the Yeha, so watch this space…


Ideally located on a hilltop within sight of the Aksum Monuments, the Yeha allows Axum’s sensational history to do the talking; the colossal ancient stelae commands absolute attention.

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