Ethiopia Accommodation



Until recently there was little luxury accommodation available in Ethiopia, and to a degree that’s still the case. The country’s main offering is a range of camps and safari lodges of various degrees of sophistication, some of which remain both basic and primarily functional. However, particularly in areas such as Lalibela and in Addis Ababa, there are now an increasing number of lodges, villas and hotels that are of a good to excellent standard.

Area-wise, Ethiopia is fascinating.  Alledeghi Plains is one of the most striking destinations here, with mountains, grasslands and wildlife including big cats and plentiful birds, but Awash National Park, Wabe Shebelle Valley and the Bale Mountains are also notable as stunning examples of the African wilds. Addis Ababa is a remarkable city, and of course Ethiopia’s long Christian history has bequeathed a number of treasures (many World Heritage sites) including island monasteries, Axum’s famous obelisks and the rock-face churches of Lalibela.

If you would like to find out more about any of our frontier luxury Ethiopia lodges, camps and hotels, then please have a browse of the areas shown below, do give one of our destination specialists a call.

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