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Stanley’s Camp
Africa, Botswana, Sanctuary Stanley's Camp

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Located in the Okavango Delta, on Chief’s island, in the Mombo Concession, along the south of Moremi Game Reserve, Stanley’s Camp is a first class wildlife camp.


Sanctuary’s most eastern Delta camp, situated on the island’s southernmost tip, in the shade of a mixed belt of ebony and sausage trees, Stanley’s Camp is a wood and canvas build consisting of a main camp and 10 sleeping tents. Characterised by polished wooden floors, a white campaign-style awning and open sides, the main camp includes a lounge, bar, dining area, pool, outdoor decking and shop.


Recently refurbished, the shared areas are comfortable, the look marked by old found wood tables, low slumber seating, enormous (and slightly kitsch) animal prints, a colour scheme that favours brown, blond and beige over all other shades, stainless steel lamps and plenty of room to move around in. Perfect for relaxing, reading, and exchanging notes.

Africa, Botswana, Sanctuary Stanley's Camp

food and service

The recipient of near on excellent feedback, the food and service at Stanley’s Camp is something else. While perhaps not to everyone’s taste, the welcoming choir is cited as a highlight by many a traveller, while even greater praise is lavished on the level of attention afforded each and every guest. The food – breakfast, bush picnic, brunch or silver service dinner, taken inside, or outside, in the boma, or on the main veranda – is fabulous.


Raised, accessed by way of sand walkways, and set discreetly back among the trees, the sleeping tents at are equally fine. Protected by an outer layer of green canvas, each tent includes a large double bed, a canvas wardrobe, writing desk, private veranda and en suite bathroom. Great sweeping dark wood floors and high ceilings add to the sense of space, while the Zanzibari lounger and hammock gives you something to hang it on. A simple and near perfect stay.


With access to the Grey Matters project, and surrounded by a small herd of semi-habituated elephants, the chance to walk with elephants is a serious pull at Stanley’s Camp, and well worth considering when deciding to book. Offering both wet and dry weather safari options, other activities include wildlife drives, guided walks, canoe treks, bird watching and sundowners.


Stanley’s Camp in partnership with the Living With Elephants Foundation, run by Doug and Sandi Groves works to provide rescued African elephants with a second chance and safe home in the wilderness of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Currently under their care are Jabu and Morula, two rescued elephants, saved from culling operations in which they were orphaned. Doug and Sandi Groves have dedicated nearly 30 years to providing world-class care and refuge to these orphans. The elephants thrive in a loving supportive environment and are provided with specialized care.

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