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A very exciting and special addition to the Wild Expeditions Africa collection of top-notch properties, Karangoma — built and owned in partnership with local elder Olatotse Sarefo — is a small, exclusive camp experience located away from the crowds further north in Botswana’s remote Mgamiland North.


Something of a rarity in the Okavango Delta these days, the attention at Karangoma is fully focused on the experience of nature. With not a single other camp in an area of roughly 50,000 hectares, guests get to experience both the typical floodplains, channels, lagoons and islands of the Delta and the vast northern woodlands.


Karangoma is simple, but luxurious in its attention to detail, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. There are six tented suites elevated on low wooden decks interlinked by pathways throughout the camp. Each includes a spacious bedroom and lounge together with en-suite and indoor and outdoor showers. Decor and interior design is inspired by the textures, colours and patterns of the Hambukushu basketry of the northern Okavango.


Given its location outside of national park borders, activities at Karangoma can be as diverse as the ecosystem it calls home and include day and night game drives, walking safari, boating, and the popular mokoro journey through the secondary waterways. Guests can also spend time with the local Bukakhwe San community and learn first-hand about their conservation efforts to restore and protect their land.


Conservation and community

Wild Expeditions set up the camp in partnership with the Bukakhwe San community of Gudigwa, where all decisions are made together, with the hope of setting up community initiatives in the villages nearest the camp.

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