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Xigera Camp

Xigera Camp

Please note: Xigera Camp is currently being refurbished and is due to reopen on June 1st 2020. In the meantime we suggest considering Little Vumbura as an alternative accommodation.

One of the most beautiful camps in northern Botswana, located in the Moremi Game Reserve, Xigera Camp is a wet safari eco-camp of the highest order.


Accessed by boat, set on an island, in a riverine habitat, Xigera Camp is a wood, thatch and canvas build and consists of a main camp and 10 suites. The main camp includes a lounge, bar, lounge, open kitchen, shop, decking, library, boma, pool and dining area. Consistently described by returning guests as magical, a paradise, there is something utterly compelling about the shared area’s positioning with regards to the water, the trees, the delta’s soundscape.

Xigera_Camp Botswana Water

Slightly curved, steep thatched, open sided and protected from above by a low canopy of trees, the success with which Xigera disappears and remerges from its habitat is the envy of many a camp, this – the ability to grow out of your surroundings – being something of a holy grail among all high-spec lodges. Inside, the shared areas are characterised by polished floorboards, high ceilings, rush lightshades, a long communal dining table, deep sofas, low tables, one or two locally made artefacts and fire-pit.

Food & service

As much struck by its paradisiacal look and feel, returning guests are full of praise for the service and food at Xigera. Friendly, efficient and highly professional, the service is excellent – from restaurant floor to manager to guide. The food, cooked in sight, Pan African in style, served inside, out, on the decking/boma, or the privacy of one’s suite, is truly marvellous – be it safari picnic, brunch or 3 course corker. Drink-wise, much is made of the Okavango Splash, a vodka based cocktail – try it.


Equally fine, though more canvas than wood, the suites at Xigera are accessed by means of raised walkways. Airy, spacious and set on the same beautiful wooden floors, each suite includes a double bed, seating area, private decking, en suite bathroom and outdoor shower.

With the bed taking centre stage, a weaved divider delineating bedroom from bathroom, chunky found wood tables and a glass frontage, the design is simple, the emphasis on the well-made, the well-chosen, the stay both comfortable and wonderfully romantic. Please note there is no Wi-Fi in the lodge.


Activities at Xigera include mokoro trips, motorboat excursions, bird watching and, dry season permitting, wildlife drives. Please be aware that this is not a big wildlife area.


Wilderness Safaris supports Children in the Wilderness, a programme which provides educational life skills and environmental awareness for children who live in villages close to conservation areas. At this moment in time (2018) CITW has benefited over 10,000 children from seven African countries.

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