Savuti Camp

Savuti Camp

Located in the centre of northern Botswana’s Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, beside the Savute channel, Savuti Camp is another fine piece of accommodation from Wilderness Safari’s competitive stable of luxury camps.

Savuti Camp Botswana Deck


Situated on the river’s bend and overlooking one of the area’s only waterholes, Savuti Camp consists of a main lodge and 8 sleeping tents. A wood and thatch build, the main lodge includes a lounge, dining room, (rebuilt) bar, library, decking, and a pool; the latter two extended as part of the camp’s excellent renovation.

Open-sided, cool and welcoming, and characterised by an attractively unfinished wood floor, huge wicker armchairs, low hand carved tables, Persian carpets and well-chosen artefacts, the main area is a delight, and now boasts new sofas, desks and lamps. Built on a slope, the main bar, lounge and dining room have excellent views of the channel.

Food & service

Homemade, locally sourced, and a mixture of African and European cuisines, the food is excellent, as is the service, which receives much praise from returning guests.


Connected by raised walkways, positioned within prime view of the waterhole, and possessing thatched roofs which on one side hang within feet of the floor, the eight sleeping tents of Savuti Camp, which includes a family tent, are large, beautifully designed and well maintained.

Savuti Camp Linyanti Botswana Lounge

Each possesses a double/twin beds (complete with room divider headboards), decking, bed-foot tables, and, to the rear of the tent, a separate bathroom. The bathroom includes twin copper sinks, shower and a flush toilet. Toiletries, towelling and mosquito/insect repellents are provided, and the design – open, simple, uncluttered – is, like the lodge, well thought through. The recent makeover has considerably lightened the rooms’ aesthetic, with inventive, naturalistic shades such as rust green now characterising the accommodation.


Known for its elephant – as many as a 1000 move through the channel during the dry season – and for the concentration of wildlife, Savuti Camp’s activities include wildlife drives (night as well as day), guided walks, bird watching and sundowners. Just 5 metres from the waterhole, the log pile hide is built in the form of a circular kraal, and during specific times of the year guests – if they so choose – can be dropped off with a cold box and radio and left to watch game privately, up close.

Savuti combines well with Duba Plains and Vumbura Plains.


The camp works closely with local authorities to ensure the conservation of wildlife in the area. It supports dedicated conservation and research focused on species on the IUCN Red List such as the African wild dog, elephant, lion and roan antelope.

Moreover, in an effort to reduce its use of bottled water, Savuti Camp uses reverse osmosis filtration on site to provide guests with high-quality drinking water. Like all Wilderness camps, this camp is managed and monitored against very strict in-house environmental standards, so only approved eco-friendly detergents and chemicals are used.

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