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Résidences Ouadada


The Résidences Ouadada hotel is a lovely no-frills and community-centred accommodation located in the of Porto-Novo just 30 kilometres from Cotonou


Characterised by its Afro-Brazilian architecture, Résidences Ouadada, meaning ‘welcome’, is a cultural and artistic centre offering simple accommodation, a bar and restaurant, an open-air terrace, exhibition halls and an open-air theatre.

Food & service

Meals can be taken either in the restaurant, in a spot or your choosing, or the comfort of your room. The cuisine is a mix of African and European cuisine. We enjoyed a fine chicken curry when visiting. The service is accommodating and attentive.


In no way luxury, the rooms at Résidences Ouadada are simple and offer all the necessities, and each has its own balcony and private ensuite bathroom. Rooms come with an air conditioner and WiFi is available throughout the property.


Primarily an art and cultural centre, Résidences Ouadada hosts regular live performances, exhibitions, film festivals and artist workshops and offers tours of the city. Guests can join in on a game of table tennis at the residence or arrange hiking and canoeing at reception. The hotel is a short drive from Place Toffa and a 15-minute walk to the botanical garden Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature.


In 2015, Résidences Ouadada created and launched the annual ‘Urban Outburts‘ festival, which works to restore and celebrate the exceptional network of Vodun squares across Porto-Novo.

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