Centre Nonvigon


Situated on the main coast road with a beach front, Centre Nonvigon is a modest, well-kept, and beautifully staffed hotel.


Very much an unknown when compared against nearby the more on-the-face-of-it salubrious Auberge de Grand Popo, Centre Nonvigon is a mixed material build, and consists of a cluster of shared areas and a range of sleeping rooms. The shared areas include a reception and lounge, a restaurant overlooking the beach, and a children’s play area. The landscaping has a military barracks-like efficiency to the design, a look and feel that carries through to the simplicity of the buildings, all of which is softened by the planting, the use of colourful throws, and the quality of food and service.

Food & service

It’s absolutely clear to anyone who stops off for a meal at Centre Nonvigon that food is central to everything it does. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the care taken is just wonderful. At the same time, the service is just right: warm and kind and attentive.


There are a range of bungalows at Centre Nonvigon: standard, family, and premier or VIP. The standard bungalow comes with a double or twin bed, a balcony and en suite bathroom. The family bungalow has this plus a mezzanine with an extra bed. The VIP bungalow is bigger and has extra seating. A wood-and-thatch build, the bungalows are simple and well-made, and if the interiors aren’t to everyone’s taste, it’s a small price to pay for a stay that ticks all the right boxes.


Activites at Centre Nonvigon include visiting the nearby Finnish-Beninese cultural centre Villa Karo, an evening out at Auberge de Grand, the beach, and cultural and heritage visits to nearby villages and ruins.

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