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Notes from the Delta

Pro guide and exploration specialist Kyle de Nobrega recently returned from adventures guiding guests in his backyard, the Okavango Delta, staying at the wonderful Shinde Footsteps and camping on Mboma Island. Kyle shares here some of his pictures from the journey and post-trip notes, reminding us what makes a journey to this water wonderland so special. 

A couple of months back, I had the privilege of hosting two travellers from the East Coast in the States on a trip into the swampy heart of the Okavango Delta. 

After a slow rainy season, widespread fires, and delayed showers, the Okavango had finally transformed into a lush green paradise, its serpentine channels and network of palm islands and lagoons humming with activity. 

Life in the Kalahari was well and truly alive; the expanse of floodwaters, the last of the migratory birds singing, the ever-present call of distant male lion reverberating. The thing is, the Okavango is an unusual place. Unusual in the sense that it is a part of Earth where one can walk for days on end with the chance of encountering a lion at any given moment, whether on day one or day hundred. Another is that it’s one of those rare places in the world where the natural landscape remains near-pristine, but not without its threats, it is a land dominated by a long and demanding stretch of nature still intact with remarkable biodiversity.

Extraordinary in its sheer size and for being one of the world’s few inland delta systems, it is not surprising that it provides travellers with a window into a world that stretches back thousands of years ago.

We spent a week exploring the waterways of the eastern Delta, camping on islands, tracking leopard and admiring the infinite miracles of this unique ecosystem. 

With careful planning and a deep awareness of location, a journey through the great swamplands of the Okavango delivers an experience of deep connection and satisfaction, reminding us of how travel can be a lens through which to understand what it is to be human. 

The Okavango in particular is an amazing destination for an adventurous first-timer. There is a never-ending list of things to do and the wildlife is bound to be plenty and incredible. I know for one, it is a sight you will never forget.

If you’d like to learn more about taking a trip of a lifetime to the Okavango Delta, please get in touch with Kyle. He’d love to share this special part of the world with you. All images © Kyle de Nobrega

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