Paddling into the remote: Selinda Explorers Camp’s special ambience

Our brochure experience for June is Selinda Explorers Camp. As the Selinda Spillway, part of Botswana’s iconic Okavango Delta waterways, starts to fill up from the rains to the north, canoes and flat-bottomed boats are being dusted down and returned to the water, ready for action. I should say that while, when I visited, the spillway was full, Botswana has entered its dry cycle, a natural variation, and which means that the once exclusively water-based experience now includes a guided walking component.

This intimate and remote camp is styled on an authentic expedition camp, ideal for those looking to step back into the classic and simple safari of yesteryear. During the day light trickles through the tree canopy; at night, the camp is softly lit by brass lanterns. No mains electricity, no air con out here. Four spacious canvas tents have open-air bathrooms, shaded by jackalberry trees, and are beautifully furnished with quirky touches like up-turned vintage trunks as wardrobes. Romance and nostalgia are abundant.

The camp is situated on the gentle sloping banks of the Spillway, after a day out exploring – it is an Explorers camp after all – kick off your dusty safari boots, paddle in the sand-fringed shallows and flop into a hammock for one of life’s most memorable sunsets. The pace is purposefully slow at Selindas, and quiet, with only a handful of people, and specialising in non-motorised activities, it’s the perfect place to slow down and reconnect with yourself, your family / friends and your peaceful surroundings.

With canoes at the ready, it’s time to hit the water. The tree and grass-lined Spillway is a popular drinking and bathing place for wildlife, including elephant, hippo, lion and many other species. An expert guide will lead the way. Without the sound of the engine running, nature’s dialogue is clearer, and water lapping against the canoe meditative. Need cooling down, throw your t-shirt, or yourself in for a cooling dip – with your guide’s permission of course. Selinda Explorers is for those who appreciate the gentle pace, pristine wilderness and raw adventures that only a remote camp of this size, with its highly experienced and passionate team, can offer. It’s a very grounding experience. Paddle out anyone?


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