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Project Flip Flopi: Sally Kirby speaks with Ben Morison

Tuesday, 24th July, 2018

Yesterday I had a chance to catch up with Ben Morison, project leader of the Flip flopi project, which is due to set sail from Lamu in September 2018. A traditional Kenyan dhow built out of rubbish. The boat, created from molten plastic moulded into ‘wooden’ planks, will consist of 200,000 flip flops, and plans…

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The Okavango Delta as seen through the technicoloured eyes of Departures Magazine

Friday, 20th July, 2018


‘At 3 a.m. I am awakened by a motorcycle gang revving their Harleys. Or so I imagine.’ If anything’s going to make the reader of Marcia DeSanctis’s Departures piece sit up and take notice, then it’s this line; the image of a bunch of Hells Angels sat atop their motorcycles outside a suite in the middle…

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Mandela Day: 67 minutes and counting

Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

An annual international day held in honour of Nelson Mandela, and first celebrated on his birthday on July 18th 2009, Mandela Day was made official by the United Nations in November of the same year. Seeking to celebrate the values Mandela espoused, his legacy, the importance of working for the community, it’s campaign call-to-action harnesses…

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Meeting the one and only Lale Biwa

Friday, 13th July, 2018

Lale Biwa Private Guide

I’ve heard and written a lot about Lale Biwa. He and Journeys by Design and Will Jones go back a long time. One of Ethiopia’s leading English speaking guides, he provides a vital link between remote tribal communities and international travellers. His eponymously named camp, Lale’s Camp provides a comfortable base for clients visiting a…

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A snapshot of life in Somaliland

Tuesday, 10th July, 2018


I feel that Somaliland doesn’t get as much airtime as other countries we represent. This may be due to the fact that, while Will Jones has been, I’ve never visited. I have been to Kenya, which lies to the south, Ethiopia to the west, and even Yemen to the east, but not Somaliland. A real…

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The more than incredible story of Laye Dieng

Friday, 6th July, 2018

Laye Dieng Africa House

You may or may not have noticed three things, all of which are more or less covered in this blog: Whenever someone new comes, I write a blog about their story The population size of this company has tripled since I started five years resulting in more stories than ever. We seem to have built…

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Abu Camp, Duba Explorers camp & Eretsha and Royal Chundu: an experience like no other

Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Jeff Hall 2018 Botswana

It’s always lovely speaking to returning guests about their experiences, and I was delighted to catch up with Jeff Hall, recently returned from a trip with his partner Melissa to Botswana. Jeff had bid for the safari at a charity ball in aid of Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Journeys by Design had the privilege of offering three exceptional camps and lodges, Duba and Abu in Botswana and Royal Chundu in Zambia. Apologies to…

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The Borana Conservancy experience: conservation at its best – thanks to you

Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018


In our brochure, Experience, which is set out as a calendar, we highlight Borana Ranch in Kenya for the month of July. I stayed at Borana Lodge last year, which is just one of four other lodges on the ranch – the others including Arijiju and Sirai and new private home a stone’s throw from…

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Wellness and wellbeing: a taster from Sally Kirby

Friday, 29th June, 2018


Over the last few years, I’ve been curiously exploring all things wellness and wellbeing related. A fascinating journey which is introducing me to teachers and traditional healers from around the world. Trialling holistic therapies from aromatherapy to sound, acupuncture to shamanism, astrology to, well, you got it. Fascinating indeed, terrifying at times. Better connecting to…

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Conde Nast and changing the way we travel

Friday, 22nd June, 2018


A quick note pointing you in the direction of Conde Nast Traveller’s The 50 People Changing the Way We Travel, in which I was fortunate enough to be included. The journalist Peter Browne was responsible for my blurb, and I’m delighted he managed to fit in what he calls Journeys by Design’s ‘low-impact, high-return philosophy’,…

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