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Wellness and wellbeing: a taster from Sally Kirby

Friday, 29th June, 2018


Over the last few years, I’ve been curiously exploring all things wellness and wellbeing related. A fascinating journey which is introducing me to teachers and traditional healers from around the world. Trialling holistic therapies from aromatherapy to sound, acupuncture to shamanism, astrology to, well, you got it. Fascinating indeed, terrifying at times. Better connecting to…

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Conde Nast and changing the way we travel

Friday, 22nd June, 2018


A quick note pointing you in the direction of Conde Nast Traveller’s The 50 People Changing the Way We Travel, in which I was fortunate enough to be included. The journalist Peter Browne was responsible for my blurb, and I’m delighted he managed to fit in what he calls Journeys by Design’s ‘low-impact, high-return philosophy’,…

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World Giraffe Day: Simon Morris gives us the lowdown on this most extraordinary of creatures

Tuesday, 19th June, 2018


It’s World Giraffe Day on Thursday and what better way to look forward to it than writing a blog about these outstanding creatures. You may remember my lesson on taxonomic classification – if not then you can recap here, but briefly, all life can be categorised into their different species, all of which fall into…

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Brian Jackman and where the wild dogs are

Friday, 15th June, 2018


I know I’m beginning to sound like a Brian Jackman groupie, but he is a great writer, does know his beans, and has just had piece Where the wild dogs are published in The Sunday Telegraph, another nugget from time spent at Tswalu, the result of a trip organised by Journeys by Design. While his…

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Virunga closes to tourists

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018


Last month’s killing of ranger Rachel Makissa Baraka, the wounding of her driver, and the kidnapping of her two British guests, has resulted in Virunga National Park being closed until next year. It is an extension on the initial closure, the park’s director Emmanuel de Merode announcing on Monday that ‘much more robust measures’ will…

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Kenya from the perspective of a five and eight-year-old

Friday, 8th June, 2018

Continent of Africa

You may remember me interviewing Will’s sister, Caroline a couple of weeks ago after her time in Kenya with her parents, sister, sister’s children and her own two, George and Polly. Upon returning, George and Polly were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire that I sent to them, which I publish below. So, without further ado,…

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Lucy Spencer-Davidson on Zurich, creativity and the virtues of the beautiful game

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

Lucy Spencer-Davidson Digital Content Support

I’ve known Lucy for the best part of a year. I say the best part because her coming into the company seemed to have filled a significant gap, prodding the marketing department into an all rounded, well-oiled machine. Let me explain: you may remember a year or so ago when we decided to take on…

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Paddling into the remote: Selinda Explorers Camp’s special ambience

Friday, 1st June, 2018


Our brochure experience for June is Selinda Explorers Camp. As the Selinda Spillway, part of Botswana’s iconic Okavango Delta waterways, starts to fill up from the rains to the north, canoes and flat-bottomed boats are being dusted down and returned to the water, ready for action. I should say that while, when I visited, the…

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Wildebeest galore, people poor: Net-A-Porter reports from Northern Tanzania’s Mwiba Wildlife Reserve

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018


The Serengeti and its annual migration of wildebeest is so well-known as to suffer its fame, with many a seasoned traveller choosing remoter, less known destinations over the thought of an experience compromised by having to share road and viewing space with so many others. In terms of parts of the Serengeti, this is unfortunately…

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Africa Day: in the name of an African renaissance

Friday, 25th May, 2018


Africa Day commemorates the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now known as the African Union) on this day, 25 May, in 1963, when leaders of 30 of the 32 independent African states signed a founding charter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was to be a day for Africans to come together and celebrate their…

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