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Adventures in Zimbabwe: Jamie Cross shares a recent trip

Friday, 26th July, 2019

Jamie Cross Ziplining Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of those countries that the Journeys by Design team can’t speak highly enough of. The southern African landlocked country is a vastly underrated spot for incredible landscapes, as well as being home to a wealth of wildlife. One of our destination specialists, Jamie Cross, is the most recent team member to have…

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Africa House is wowed by Circus Abyssinia

Friday, 7th June, 2019


Last Thursday, a large part of the Africa House team decided it was time to pack up and have a tipple in the sun, followed by one of the most captivating shows I have seen in a long while: Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams. To explain. We’re based in Brighton, UK. Every May, the city comes…

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South Africa: Banyana Banyana receives equal pay

Friday, 24th May, 2019


Just a quick and delighted note announcing that members of the South Africa’s national women’s football team – the Banyana Banyana – are to receive the same performance pay as their male counterparts when they take part in this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. South Africa’s opening World Cup game is on 8 June against…

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Lotte Davis & International Women’s Day 2019: Bettering the balance, bettering the world and bettering every other day

Friday, 8th March, 2019

Founder (Lotte) + Students2

Today marks International Women’s Day 2019 (IWD2019). 110 years ago, what could be considered as the first ever National Women’s Day took place in New York. It is overwhelming and incredible to think how far we’ve progressed in these 110 years. However, despite the advancement in women’s rights, there is still room for improvement and…

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David Attenborough’s ‘Dynasties’: Masaai Mara’s Marsh Pride and Mana Pool’s Painted Wolves

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018

Dynasties David Attenborough

Exactly one month ago the BBC released the first episode David Attenborough’s newest five-part nature documentary called Dynasties. The series follows five endangered and vulnerable animal packs, who are fighting for survival – chimpanzees in Senegal, emperor penguins in Antarctica, a lion pride in the Maasai, African wild dog in Zimbabwe, and the documentary series…

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Seven Wonders of Africa: Sam Tinkler picks the Okavango Delta

Friday, 19th October, 2018

Sam Tinkler Mokoro

Welcome to the third JbD’s Seven Wonders blog. We are now practically half way through the series, but still have highlights to look forward to from Chris, Hannah, Jamie and Will.   When we had asked Sam to contribute to the series, it took her only a split second to agree and tell us about her most memorable experience…

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Africa House opens its doors!

Friday, 24th August, 2018

The idea of having a coffee shop running out of our own home – Africa House – originated, like most things, as a glimmer in Will Jones’s mind. It is incredible to think that we have now already reached the end of Africa House’s second week of being open for business. It was only in…

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A place of awe-inspiring vistas and history: Hannah and Jamie share their experience of Namibia

Friday, 3rd August, 2018

Kuidas Camp Namibia Flight

As you may know by now, we kick off every month with a blog featuring an experience from our current brochure “Experience“. This month, almost a year on from the release of the brochure, we’re introducing The Flight of the Schoemans in Namibia. It’s an extraordinary experience, enjoyed by Angela Sacha a few years ago,…

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Hannah takes a trip on the most luxurious train in the world

Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Rovos Rail Window Views

Just over a week ago, Hannah Rayner and I had the pleasure of catching up over a coffee at our favourite local cafe. I quizzed her about her travels whilst working for Journeys by Design and we got talking about one particular experience that has fascinated me ever since I started working for JbD back…

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No. 1 Lady goes to Mateya Lodge

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

Termite Mound Madikwe Mateya South Africa

In December 2017, my dad was due to travel to Gaborone, Botswana for a conference and my mother, Jennifer Davidson, being the adventurous woman she is, decided she would love to see the country too, and so piggy-backed onto his business trip. After completing the much-anticipated No 1. Ladies Detective Agency Tour, and taking in…

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