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Africa House Café

Africa House Cafe, Brighton, UK © Simon Morris

Based on the ground floor of Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy’s offices, Africa House Café was born out of a desire to open our doors to the local community. In this respect, it’s like the coffeeshops of old. It’s a front room for all, and serves as the ideal space with which to spark conversations with regards to everything we do, the issues facing people on our own streets, and many of the traditions and customs found in Africa’s public and private spaces. Having the space and opportunity to connect over a delicious coffee – to listen to and engage in stories other than our own – is what a coffee shop should be: a place to socialise, relax, share, learn, and make friends.

As far as possible, everything at Africa House Café is either sustainably sourced from Africa or is made according to traditional African recipes. Equally, access is everything, which is why space at Africa House Café for meeting or events is rented out at a reduced rate to charities and is free to refugees. If you would like to know more, book a space, or find out about the various events it holds, please get in touch with Laye Dieng. Meanwhile, if ever you’re passing, please do drop in.