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Rosanna Garrod

Born in Wegberg, Germany and brought up in the Cambridgeshire surrounds of England, Rosanna’s childhood was spent in the countryside until her teenage years when the family moved to inner-city Cambridge.

In her early 20s, Rosanna went on a year’s trip around the world taking her, first to India, down through South East Asia and Australia, island hopping to Hawaii and finally to mainland USA before returning home.

Since then, Rosanna moved to the south coast where she undertook a dance degree while spending some time working for a solicitors firm. She has also spent part of her time coordinating Brighton Dance Network, which she founded in 2013.

She joined Journeys by Design in June 2017 as maternity cover for Maddy, and has become a firm fixture in the company, continuing to manage the day to day smooth running of the office and staff.