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Trusts for African Schools

Journeys by Design has a very close bond to TAS (Trusts for African Schools) and Will Jones is a trustee. We see our involvement with charities such as TAS as an important part of our commitment to improving the future of Africa, however small that contribution may be.

TAS was set up to support some of the poorest schools in Africa. We make a donation for every client that travels with Journeys by Design, and many of our clients now independently follow the progress of this remarkable charity.

TAS guarantee 100% of all donations received will be used for the direct benefit of present and future pupils of the four schools that they currently support.

No expenses or overheads will be taken at any point along the way, and all administration and evaluation will be undertaken free.

The mechanism for the transfer of money is to establish a series of local charitable trusts with each one sitting alongside a particular school. Each of these trusts is dedicated to supporting a local school and is legally constituted with Trustees from the school and the local community.

TAS will raise money in the UK and transfer funds direct to the local trust’s bank account. Local trustees will be responsible for spending 100% of the money on priorities agreed with the school – no expenses or overheads will be claimed or paid.

The 4 schools chosen initially are all known to TAS Trustees, who will visit and support on a regular basis (at their own expense).

There can be few ways to give more effectively.