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The Charities we Support

We have, for the past five years, actively sought to support not just the people and communities with whom we work in Africa, but also a wider cross section of the continent’s charitable sector.

In this way we have, together with our African partners, helped raised just over of US$ 4.2 million for a variety of international programmes – and this has been match funded US$ 1.4 million for the following charities across Africa, Europe and the USA:

Regular Small Donation Charities

Trusts for African Schools
African Medical and Research Foundation :
Charities that have Auctioned our Safaris
The Swiss Red Cross :
The British Red Cross :
The Robin Hood Foundation :
The Teenage Cancer Trust :
Elephant Family :
Absolute Return for Kids :
The Royal Order of Malta
Diner des Tsars – UNICEF :
Turnaround for Kids :
Women for Women :
Carolina for Kibera:
Bid to Save the Earth
Farm Africa:
Great Ormond Street Hospital:
Nomad Trust:
Space for Giants:
Leakey Turkana Basin Institute: