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Response to Terrorism

We live in a new world – one in which there is growing discontent between those that have and those that do not. Activists are fast to arms and hard to monitor. This was inevitable.

The attacks are a symptom of current global events and tourism is often the soft underbelly and unfortunate victim of circumstance.

Statistically, however, the chances of being involved in terrorist related activity are so remote that we should not be holding ourselves hostage to them.

The style of African travel that Journeys by Design promote is not the soft under-belly of tourism targeted by the terrorists. We operate in low volumes, often far from urban centres. We are not sitting targets, like the large coastal hotels, but a highly focused operation working with small specialists on the ground, often running properties that are their homes, in networks that provide natural security and rapid response.

Being realistic, the east African coast has always had a strong association with its Arab neighbours across the seas. There is clearly much resentment, amongst Muslim leadership and youth that America and her allies continue to aggressively dominate and dictate global rules, often seen as being unfair. Somalia is not a million miles away, and this is clearly a worry for East Africa too.

In summary, however, if one takes the normal travellers precautions, and uses one’s common sense when travelling in unfamiliar territory, then the vast majority of your travels will be perfectly safe.