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Carbon Reduction

We are acutely aware of the damaging environmental impact of our activities, not least the carbon dioxide produced as a result of our safaris. It is untenable to propose to our customers that they travel less so we have chosen to mitigate your safari’s carbon emissions.

This is done through the carbon reduction organisation The Converging World. They have calculated the carbon emissions produced by the average safari to be 1.7 tonnes of CO2 per person. To mitigate this carbon impact, we make a donation of £15 per tonne of CO2 to The Converging World – £25.50 per person/per safari.

The Converging World invests these funds in the generation of renewable energy in the developing world. Their current Indian wind farm project results in effective carbon reduction and funds sustainable development in some of the world’s most neglected and impoverished communities. Uniquely, it also supports carbon reduction programmes in the UK.